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Item number: 1000451

Chicken thigh meat 100%, 80-130g


The thigh is probably the tastiest bit on the chicken. But due to the thigh-bone, people often choose not to deal with the thigh because it’s difficult to eat. We think that’s a pity, and that’s why we have added a chicken thigh completely without any bones to our Chefs Club assortment!

The bone has been removed very neatly by hand, which gives the product a very nice appearance resembling a chicken breast fillet. But, since the thigh is an active muscle, this product has a deeper and more intense flavour than any regular breast fillet.

Since the cut itself has a nice layer of fat that adds extra flavour to the meat, the skin has been removed in addition to the removal of the bones. In other words, the product is very straight forward to handle whether you want to dice it, cut it into strips, or roast them whole.

Our skin- and boneless chicken thighs are available as fresh and deep frozen, so that you are able to choose the type that best suits you and your kitchen. In this manner, you reduce the risk of any food waste.

Order our skin- and boneless chicken thighs from Chefs Club through your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.