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Item number: 1005551

Chicken fillet w/skin 100% 120-150g


Chicken breast fillets with skin gives you a range of possibilities in your kitchen. The skin adds extra flavour to the fillet and keeps the meat juicy. Additionally, the crispy skin will supply you with an amazing contrast to the juicy meat.

By using our chicken breast fillet with skin from Chefs Club, you get the pure and natural experience of chicken. We haven’t added any water, which means that you are guaranteed 100% meat. Additionally, this means that the skin is covering the entire chicken breast.

The fillets are neatly cleaned and trimmed, and they have a trustworthy consistent and high quality. The fillets are available as both fresh and deep frozen, which means that you can choose the type that best suits your kitchen. 

The chicken that is used to make this product is born, raised, and slaughtered in Denmark. On the farms, the feed, temperature, and water bowls are adapted in accordance with the chickens age and size. Plus, the chickens have a great amount of space on which to move about. Their feet are always kept clean and healthy. Read more about animal welfare here.

Order our chicken breast fillets with skin from Chefs Club through your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.